The Human Project

The Chinese curse goes “May you live in interesting times.” Perhaps living in boring times is not much of a blessing either. But as someone who has children and wishes that they live in a better world, and be spared catastropic events and tragedies, I would like to recommend to our followers a new and exciting project in the making: The Human Project App. Here is what it means:

There are so many challenges that confront the species as a whole. The ones that get a lot of press (like climate change, food & water shortages, poverty, war, overpopulation and economic crises). The ones that don’t (like comets and asteroids, extreme experiments in science, technological terror and error). The ones that we humans don’t even imagine we can solve (like mega volcanoes, mega earthquakes, nearby supernova explosions, a dying sun, an aging universe). And there are plenty of visions too (like a space-faring civilization, transhumanism, zero carbon world, general artificial intelligence, the end of poverty, universal human rights, designing life and matter, zero nuclear weapons, the end of aging).

Everything is so fragmented. Every expert claims their issue matters most. Everyone fighting for their share of attention. So few have the big picture. Nobody seems to have their eye on the species as a whole.

After two and a half years of research it became pretty clear: we humans need a new way to look. We need to see ourselves as one species. Develop a big picture view and a grounded, coherent vision to guide us. We need to start asking the really big questions: Who do we want to become as a species? Where do we want to go next?

The Human Project App is the starting point for answering the really big questions.

To learn more about The Human Project and to see how you can get involved and support it, please visit this site: .